Pre-planned Routes
We are very methodical and precise.  We use pre-planned routes during the survey.  A small facility may have only one route and can be imaged in a day. Large facilities may have multiple routes which could take a week or more to survey. A basic route may only need to be surveyed once a year, while others may need quarterly surveys.
Thermal Guys’ testing and metering equipment is the of best quality.  We spare no money here. We use only the latest state of the art calibrated equipment. Our cameras have the sensitivity and resolution needed to diagnose any problem and find hidden deficiencies, even from a distance.  We use top of the line equipment to conduct energy studies and to perform power quality logging. This is key to discovering the state of health of a power system.
For thermal imaging we use FLIR EXX-SERIESTM and FLUKE brand is our choice for power logging and measurements.
Thermal Guy inspectors are certified Home Inspectors. They all follow a strict continual education program as required by OSHA, NFPA, and Thermographic Education. We use the best training certifications available today. We provide our inspectors with world class certified infrared camera training and thermographer training at Black & Associates Infrared Technical Institute that follows The American Society for Nondestructive Testing standards and practices. Only through proper training can an infrared image deliver true reliable data to a customer.
We have dedicated our years of commercial building experience to provide superior service in this market. Infrared is not a point and shoot simple operation.  Each electrical service can be different and requires knowledge and proper training to produce a useful image.
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